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Gas Training in Glasgow
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Gas Apprenticeship in Glasgow

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ACS Refresher Training & Assessment

Every 5 years a qualified gas engineer is required to sit an ACS Re-assessment to prove his competency to work within the domestic gas industry.

Gas engineers can renew their ACS 6 months early, which is added onto their ticket at the other end meaning you would not need to renew your ACS for another 5 years and 6 months.

Not only are we less expensive than colleges in the surrounding area, we are also more flexible.

We can arrange special agreements for on-going ACS reassessments with larger companies.

Weekend ACS Refresher Courses now available

Too far away to travel to our centre every day? Not a problem. We can arrange bed and breakfast for your engineers from only £30 + VAT per night.

Other Courses Available

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For costs and availability please call - 0141 889 4516

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