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To all employees of T.D.S

Dougie, Bill and Mark made my 7 month 'Education' worthwhile, happy, sore and above all successful. Success was achieved by study, study and more study but would not have been possible without the knowledge passed on from Dougie and Bill.

I will forever be grateful for getting this chance to become a Gas Engineer and thankful for all the help I was given along the way. Many thanks also to Mark for his administration skills, keeping T.D.S ticking.

Thank you friends.

Malcolm McGilvray.


My name is Andy McKay, I am 33 year of age and come from Dumbarton. I attended the Core Gas Foundation course in 2009 and completed in 28 weeks. When I heard about this course I thought great, as I'm 30 odd years old an apprenticeship is out of the equation. This was short term and would mean I will be able to apply for a gas engineers role. At the start of the course I found the all the information a bit much as I was not used to any kind of studying since high school, although after a few days it began to feel normal and able to cope with the technical literature. The foundation course I was in ran on a two weeks in class study and two weeks on work placement which I felt a good working balance. The work placement was carried out by shadowing a qualified gas engineer throughout his day to day duties. These could involve boiler break downs, heating system installations to boiler servicing. All in all great hands on experience. The last four weeks were the dreaded exams but to be fair the thought was the worst part, because it was amazing to see how much I took in. Obviously I passed all my exams or I wouldn't be writing this testimonial. To sum it all up, THE BEST CAREER MOVE IN MY LIFE. Good luck with your course.

Ex-Trainee - Andy McKay.


"Just want to give a quick shout out to Kirk (Training Developments Scotland) - I recently got completely caught out by getting my renewal date of my gas qualifications out by a month and had a couple of weeks left to sort something out. I looked in all the usual places, and either local centres couldn't fit me in on time, or where astronomically priced. Luckily I happened on a post here by Kirk advertising their new centre in Paisley, Glasgow. Even with flights and a hotel room for a couple of nights it worked out economical and they managed to fit me for assessment in a matter of days. I opted for no training given the hurry I was in (my own fault!), and was able to successfully complete the ACS assessment for CCN1, CENTWAT, CKR1, CPA1 and HTR1 in two days. Kirk was professional, friendly and accommodating and thorough - I was left in no doubt that he knows his stuff.
Also, a mere two weeks after the assessment I have my certificate and have been updated at Gas Safe.

All in all a great chap and worth checking out if you're local or even if you're not!

A big, huge thanks Kirk."


I am a buy-to-let property developer and after years of paying out expensive call out charges and having the wool pulled over my eyes by ‘expert contractors’ I decided I was going to join the Gas Foundation Course at TDS.

To begin with I was worried about wether I had made the right decision but after a couple of weeks I knew it was the right one.

I was taught by Bill who has a vast knowledge of all aspects of the gas industry and has been extremely helpful during (and after) the Gas Foundation Course. My class was Bill’s 12th Gas Foundation Class which really did show as the way he explained the technical aspects made it really easy to understand.

The very last week of the course was set aside for our assessments, which were difficult but everyone passed in the end. After 28 weeks I could finally claim to be a qualified gas engineer.

After 2-3 weeks I received my Bpec certificates and within a day of this TDS had set me up with my first interview. Everything went well and a week later I was given the job as a service and breakdown engineer.

The company I started with started me on an initial starting wage of £23,500 including a van, tools and overtime and after my first 6 months of working with this company I have been told I will then move up to the standard company wage of £33,500 which is great!

The job provides me with an extra income to invest into the buy-to-let industry and already I’ve saved thousands of pounds by doing all my own gas work.

I would thoroughly recommend this course to anyone interested in a complete career change, especially property developers looking to save some money!

Big thanks to Bill, Dougie, Mark & Eleanor at TDS. Money well spent.

Craig Stevenson


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